Sunday, January 26, 2014

Feeling Incredibly Frustrated

This is probably more of a FB type status update, but I don't like to air some things on FB.  Since I think there are only a few readers of my blog, it seems safe here.

Without going into detail, I said to Brent this morning (not directed toward him), "The only thing worse than being alone is thinking your not alone when really you are."  Expectations suck!  I know that, and I try not to have them, but I'm human and I do.

This will pass, probably in about an hour when I'm more frustrated with my statistics assignment than my current frustration and after I pray a little more and remind myself of all my own imperfections and how much I want to be so much more to others than what I am . . . and how I let people down I'm sure way more than I know . . . and how the frustrating thing that happened was probably not intentional . . . etc.

Well, that's enough of my pouting.  Off to do stats.  I told myself that if I finish fast enough, I should have enough time for a run before family night and before time to work with Jason on his school work. I have too much to do to sulk :)

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Mindi said...

I bet you're not frustrated anymore but just wanted to encourage you! I know how unmet expectations can make us feel. That whole perception/reality thing :) Way to go on statistics. I cannot imagine! You go!!! I'm grateful for Godly people like you who make an impact on others through your job as social worker!