Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Children

I was going to actually blog tonight, but it's been so long that I can't even access my blog account anymore. Sad!!! It is being recovered, but it will take a while. (Obviously I was able to recover it finally . . . it helps to remember your username!!)

Tonight as I was working on my house to prepare for our Kaleo Christmas Eve gathering (my very favorite church event of the year), I was thinking about my kids. James had been hard at work helping us clean and move things around. Jason was not tonight, but knows that his time is coming tomorrow afternoon/evening. And David and Sarah know the same thing. Jason commented as he was headed for bed that he wishes people could just be okay with each other's messy houses :) Totally a Jason thing to say!!! He added that he loves Christmas and having people over but he does not like preparing. I understand that on some level, and definitely would have said the same thing at his age.

My point in all of this is that my kids are awesome and they work hard and the need more recognition, so I am writing this as a form of recognition. I am so proud of them for plugging along. It's not easy being a church planter's kid. Every Sunday they get up with us and go to the building where we meet two hours before church starts. Since we launched five years ago, James and Jason (mostly James in the beginning and now mostly Jason with the help of David) have been the ones to set up our children's ministry. For the most part they do it without complaining. They don't have the option of being tired on Sunday mornings and skipping church. In fact, during our first couple of years, I prayed diligently that God would prevent any sickness from falling on Sunday because what would we do if someone had to miss church. We are all critical parts of the team, including my older two boys . . . and David is now moving into that also. By the way, God has honored that prayer. I can only think of one Sunday that we had to stay home for sickness, and it was a month ago.

Occasionally one of them asks about missing church on Sunday, either because they want to do something different or because they just want to relax, but they can't. And again for the most part, when they are told no, they comply with a good attitude. I would venture to say that they have missed church less than their dad and I even because occasionally either Brent or I have gone to a conference or something like that (not together), and when one of us is gone, the kids still go with the other . . . and on those weeks they have to work even harder, picking up the slack.

In addition to the extra things they do on a Sunday morning, they put their hospitality gifts to practice during the rest of the week when people are coming and going at our home. The older two boys help tremendously with child care for David and Sarah so we can be out and about as needed . . . and for date nights and fun that we need as a couple also. I really don't know what we would do without them.

I'm thankful for what they are learning through this life that we lead, both about God's church and relationships, but also about living sacrificially and gaining a good work ethic, but I also know it is hard at times.

So, James and Jason, I just want you to know that you are appreciated, and I am sorry that I do not say it enough. I am so grateful for your hearts and for your willingness (even when you aren't always happy about it) to serve your dad and I and the church in the ways that you do. We love you both so much!!!! I could not ask for more amazing children. None of us are truly perfect, but I could not think of any more perfect children for my family. I am so glad to see God molding you, James and Jason, into the men that you are becoming, and I am glad that David and Sarah have you as their examples!!!!