Saturday, February 7, 2009


I don't know why I am shocked at the insensitivity of other believers, but I am. Forgive me for my moment of venting, but I don't really think there are too many who read this, and it is good therapy to put it down in writing. Tonight someone (from a partner church) was helping us set up for services tomorrow. I am so grateful for the people who come week in and week out to assist us, but a few of them just don't get it. Believe me I am excited at the recent growth of our church. It is fun to see as the seats fill up on Sunday mornings, but I can see how God has used us over the whole past year, even on Sundays when there were only 20 people at church. It makes me sad that so many people only see the value in the number who attend on Sunday morning. Tonight this person said to Brent, "It's great to hear that good things are happening now." This is as if no good things were happening before our numbers went up. Though our numbers have increased and I am excited for the new friends and the new opportunities to partner with people in ministry, most of our recent growth has been through other believers joining us, not through the transformation of lives. It makes me sad that people cannot see that when we only had a handful of people, some of those people were people who were just seeking God and coming to a saving knowledge of Him, people whose lives may not be different if Kaleo had not existed. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to take credit. I know God could have used anyone to send the message to these people, but I am glad He used us, and that exciting things were happening, even when things were smaller. I wish people could see that more clearly. And I am so thankful for the encouragers we have in our lives who make up for the moments when others, in their moments of insensitivity, are so discouraging.