Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Poem

. . . given to me by all of my kids, written by James. I think it's worth sharing!!!

On this day dedicated solely to you,
I have no gift that is the perfect match.
Nothing I can purchase, make or do
Will be able to fathom or unlatch
The effort you take to try to teach
Those who stubbornly refuse to learn.
No ordinary love could create the patience to reach
Your own blood, your words which they scorn.
So as a feeble, sorry try
This gift we give to thy.
Go on a date.
Stay out late.
We'll get the little ones in bed.
We'll sweep up every crumb of bread.
We love you tons, Mom.

Jason said, "He's a poet and didn't know it. He can rhyme anytime!!!" My kids bring a smile to my face!